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5 Reasons Why These Markers Are On Everyone's Black Friday Wishlist 🎁

Shining, shimmering, splendid! Here are the big five reasons why this holiday season everyone is asking for the super satisfying, sparkling Shimmer Markers by DoodleDazzles.

1. Unwrap doodle joy

The secret to pure happiness? Discovering and creating with fabulous new markers! Shimmer Markers have been known to unlock head-to-toe joy with buttery smooth, flowing ink that magically outlines.  

So simple yet so satisfying. Creating with DoodleDazzles is the perfect feel-good activity!

2. Delight with magic in their stockings

Remember Outliners? The beloved 80s markers are back! Put the biggest smile on all of their faces when they find these beauties in their stockings! 

When you draw with the metallic silver ink, a magical colored outline appears to add pizzazz and a whole new dimension to your doodles. 

Goodbye boring, old markers! Hello creativity and inspiration!

3. 'Tis the season to get crafty

Colder temps mean more cozy time inside with a hot chocolate and an art project! Whether you like to make handmade cards, color in coloring books, or just free doodle, the possibilities are endless! 

Add a few touches of sparkle, or make the gorgeous outlined silver the main event of your art project.

4. Quality time together that dazzles

Looking for the perfect gift for you and your loved ones? You found it! Not only are Shimmer Markers guaranteed to put a smile on their faces, but they make for a great family fun activity. 

Soak up all the quality time with your special ones when you work together on a sparkly little art project.   

5. The highest quality, guaranteed.

Shimmer Markers are not only the best markers ever, but fully guaranteed by DoodleDazzles. If you're not 100% in love with your super cool outlining markers during the first 90 days that you have them, you can return for any reason. 

Giving a holiday gift and need a little extra time just in case? No problem. We'll give you all of January (but we're pretty sure you won't need it!).


Ready to dazzle your special ones with the #1 most loved holiday gift?

Get 40% off Shimmer Markers when you order today. All orders over $30 ship free.

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