Shimmer Marker Coloring Book Bundle




✍️ Remember how AMAZING it felt as a kid to draw with a new pack of pens?

🎨 Create doodle masterpieces with Shimmer Markers and your choice of fabulous coloring book. 

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1 Set of 8 Shimmer Markers

Your choice of Coloring Book

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The Most Dazzling Blast From The Past

How we compare:


Dried out and tired.


Don't work

Rather just watch TV


Shining, shimmering, splendid!

Magical and oh-so-satisfying

Buttery smooth and beautiful

Color and craft all day!


Unique + Fun Designs For Doodling

Looking for a fun and creative way to de-stress and unwind?

Our high-quality coloring books ensure that your colors will pop and your creations will look stunning. 

Whether you're an experienced artist or just looking for a relaxing activity, our coloring books are the perfect way to let your creativity shine.

Back From The 80's! 

Create The Most Satisfying Art Projects

Perfect For Artists Of All Ages

100% Happiness Guaranteed


Best Practices For Creating Doodle Masterpieces

To get your markers started:

Shake each marker (with the cap on!)

Press the tip into the paper and pump until the ink begins to flow down

Once the tip is fully saturated with ink, the marker is ready to go!

Helpful tips:

Shimmer Markers work best on white paper (especially heavier stock paper), but DoodleDazzles customers love to experiment with different surfaces (glass, fabric, etc.).

The ink may bleed through paper, so it’s best to put an extra layer behind whatever you’re doodling on. Shimmer Markers are permanent.

When you’re done doodling, re-cap immediately and store horizontally or upright, if possible.


What Our Customers Are Saying...

Kara B.

Verified Customer

“These markers are AMAZING!!! I got them for my daughter and God daughter. I was jealous and want my own now that I saw how fabulous they are. They are so cool to write with!”

Misty Y.

Verified Customer

“I had these when I was 8 and I bought these for my great niece for her 8th birthday. She loves them just like I did.”

Debbie Ann H.

Verified Customer

“WE LOVE OUR MARKERS! As soon as our first order came, we ordered 10 more! ❤️‼️❤️‼️❤️‼️❤️"

Shimmer Markers & Coloring Book Bundle