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Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers
Shimmer Markers

DoodleDazzles Shimmer Markers (8pcs Set)

Loved by more than 235,000 artists

  • Doodle in mesmerizing silver with a magical colored outline

  • Create the most satisfying doodle art  

  • Get inspired with stunning, sparkling colors 

  • Loved by thousands of Pinterest users

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Non-Toxic &


Shimmer Markers are made with premium quality ingredients including specially formulated, xylene-free opaque ink. Non-toxic, acid free, and environmentally friendly.

There's an artist inside everyone, ready to make magic.

Like you, we probably spend too much time in front of screens and on social media.

We’ve brought the beloved “Outliner” markers back from the 80’s to make doodling and drawing magical again for people of all ages.

Shimmer Markers are great for:

  • Hand Lettering

  • Card Making

  • Journaling

  • Colorful Doodling

Give The Gift Of Doodles

Shimmer Markers are the perfect gift for a kid you love or for treating your own inner child. Doodlers of all ages love discovering the creative fun of a DoodleDazzles art project.

Creating with Shimmer Markers is both inspiring and endlessly relaxing. The perfect way to unwind!

Make It Sparkle In All The Brightest Colors

Each set of Shimmer Markers includes 8 markers in the following colors:

  • Black

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Light Blue

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Pink

  • Dark Blue

Best Practices For Creating Doodle Masterpieces

Before using your markers:

1. Shake each marker (with the cap on!)

2. Press the tip into the paper and pump until the ink begins to flow down

3. Once the tip is fully saturated with ink, the marker is ready to go!

Shimmer Markers work best on white paper (especially heavier stock paper), but DoodleDazzles customers love to experiment with different surfaces (glass, rocks, fabric, etc.). When in doubt, try it out!

The ink may bleed through paper, so it’s best to put an extra layer behind whatever you’re doodling on. Shimmer Markers are permanent.

When you’re done doodling, re-cap immediately and store horizontally or upright, if possible.